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Epic Yoga & Fitness offers a safe, non-competitive atmosphere to exercise at your own level and pace. With Epic’s highly-qualified, passionate and knowledgeable instructors, people of all fitness and skill levels will receive the best instruction and personal attention. Whether you are looking to lift your spirits, raise your fitness level, or get inspired, Epic Yoga & Fitness has something to suit your needs. 

Try a TRX Class!

Always wanted to try TRX but didn't know where to start? We would love to meet you in class!

TRX Full Body

TRX Suspension Training® is a brilliant fitness innovation that uses suspension harnesses and the weight of your own body. Read up on the benefits of TRX. In this class, we will repeat each exercise for one minute or 40 second intervals. 

TRX Tabata

Perfect for increasing maximal oxygen uptake and quickly burning fat, Tabata classes consist of doing as many reps as possible of an exercise for 20 seconds, resting for 10, and repeating 7 more times. This class consists of 2 stations, combining TRX with the BOSU ball. Running shoes required. 

TRX Circuit

This TRX Tabata circuit class has 3 stations, combining TRX with the BOSU ball. A nice balance to a complete body workout. Running shoes required. 

Postnatal TRX

Postnatal TRX is for all levels of postnatal moms past 8 weeks. Students will be guided through a gentle workout using the TRX suspension system. Postnatal TRX works at Mom’s own level, building from 6 weeks postnatal onwards. Options to bring your baby - post-crawling babies only.


With a combination of Cardio and TRX strength training, this workout gets your heart rate up and your waistline down and will help accelerate your fitness and health goals.  High-Intensity Interval Training involves intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of rest only to transition to the next exercise. This boosts your metabolism and burns a ton of calories in a short amount of time. At the same time, you get to tone your body AND add more muscle to it!

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