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Welcome to EPIC Yoga & Fitness

The Vedic Epics, fantastic and inspiring life journeys that carry lessons for us all, inspired the name Epic.

Our studio is a place where our journeys come together,  where we all connect, and can grow together. Your journey and our paths together in this life is what creates our own Epic!

We believe that everything we need to live our best life is within us. Here we practice tuning into our body to honour and find what we need physically, we practice stilling the mind to find clarity and we practice letting-go and being one with life.

Our sub-contract Teachers each have their own beautiful teaching qualities, giving us opportunity to go deeper within with each style and energy they bring to the class. Some classes feel familiar while others give us a new way of flowing through a Hatha or Power set. Some days we simply just crave a good TRX class. We learn and grow from variety and fresh perspectives. This is exactly what our wonderful and vast family of Teachers and Members bring to our Epic Studio!

We are honoured to cross paths and share journeys together with everyone!

First Class Only $1​​8

$50 for 2 weeks unlimited or

$75 for 1 month unlimited

See what the fun is all about with TRX, or relax your mind and body with any one of our specialized yoga classes. As a newbie, you get UNLIMITED classes for an entire month for only $75 or 2 weeks for $50

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