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EPIC Teachers


Terry is the owner of Epic. Terry started practicing yoga in 2009 after playing with Wii Fit. Out of shape with an aching back, Terry summed up the courage to go to a yoga class, where he discovered that there was more to yoga than simply getting a good stretch. There, he learned and experienced the positive impact that yoga can have on people's lives. As a result, Terry became more present in his life and was able to better connect with his family. Terry completed his teacher training with Red Door Yoga in January 2015,


Kim teaches Hatha Flow, Yoga Basics and Restorative Yoga. Kim’s classical teaching style relies on the foundations of breath, fluidity, curiosity and mindfulness. Kim studied yoga with the founder of Power Yoga, Beryl Bender Birch. Prior to Epic, Kim was involved in the founding of what is now Yoga BC, teaching Power Yoga for over 12 years around Vancouver. In 2012 Kim started her company Primordial Vibe, which sells yoga apparel at Epic’s studio and online at Kim is also a skilled belly dancer, working as a performer, choreographer and instructor around BC. In 2007, Kim wrote, narrated, choreographed and led the popular 27-episode how-to belly dance TV program, SHIMMY.


Cheyenne is a RYT-200 and is currently completing her RYT-500 with expertise in breath work, physical assists, pre + post natal, children and teens.  She emphasizes the importance of mental health and how yoga creates a gateway for healing.  Cheyenne brings huge emphasis on deep breathing and accessing the relaxation response in the body and mind. Her students will experience less anxiety, better sleep and more mindfulness after leaving class.  Cheyenne lives in a spacious 180sqft tiny home, alongside a creek and surrounded by trees.  She lives an intentional life to use less water, accumulate less waste, recycle and compost obsessively, and spend more time giving back rather than accumulating 'things'. Visit her website for updates, her playlists and more."


A mom, business owner and fitness professional, Carrie has worked and lived in Maple Ridge for more than 15 years and is passionate about living and promoting a healthy, balanced life. Carrie started her career teaching group fitness, and since has expanded her knowledge and experience into personal training, bootcamp, spin, Tabata, running, TRX and sports conditioning. Carrie brings a positive and enthusiastic approach to her classes. She is motivated by her student’s success as well as her own personal commitment to training and health.


Debbie’s love for fitness and helping others achieve their goals of living a healthy life came after an injury. After participating in spin classes, Debbie decided to teach. She went on to receive her BCRPA certification, Third Age, as well as First Aid. Debbie received training from Krista Popowych (Keiser), Helen Vanderburg (Cycle Program) and Greg Bradshaw (Reebok cycle program). Debbie is sensitive and respectful in her classes, encouraging and inspiring her students to work hard and reach their fullest potential.


Thanks to her mother, Adrianna began her yoga journey in the womb. Fast-forward to post-high school when her mother dragged her to another yoga class. That was the beginning of her lifelong desire to teach yoga, now fulfilled with her completion of the RDY200 Hour Teacher Training. Adrianna teaches a mix of Hatha and Flow yoga with some power moves thrown in for good measure. She is looking forward to starting the next leg of her journey as a teacher and sharing her positivity, her knowledge of yoga and her zest for life, inspiring students on their paths to enlightenment.


Leila’s journey into yoga was both a blessing and a gift from a lower back injury in her mid 30s. She realized that her hectic lifestyle was unsustainable, unhealthy and out of balance. The holistic benefits of yoga over the years have been transformational. Her yoga practice keeps her present and connected to the ebb and flow of life. In 2015, she pursued the 200hr Teacher Training with Red Door Yoga - the best thing for personal growth. Leila loves Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa and meditation. She is grateful to all her teachers who have been instrumental in this lifelong journey. In Leila's spare time, she gardens and enjoys being close to nature. She also loves cooking, doing creative projects, and belly dancing to shake things up!

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Nicole is a mover and a shaker...literally! She has been passionately teaching Yoga, Pilates and Cardio Dancing for over a decade. She is a skillful (and quirky) instructor who loves creating eclectic playlists for her classes. When she is not teaching, Nicole enjoys hand-standing, climbing mountains, making food for family and friends, and watching RuPaul's Drag Race. She is a dedicated vegan and an LGBTQ2S+ ally


Rebecca has lived in the Maple Ridge area for over 30 years has continually been involved in all aspects of fitness training and active sports.  This passion and love of fitness led to her to become an instructor and is certified as a BCRPA fitness instructor with a specialty module in Group Fitness.  After years of TRX training and encouragement from Karen, she became certified in both TRX Functional training and TRX Group training with a Level II ranking, and was privileged to have trained under top ranking TRX instructors Gerard Recio and Douglas Li.  Rebecca also holds a First Dan Black Belt ranking under the WTF Taekwondo Federation.  She strongly believes in creating challenging and technical classes that will engage her students so they are leaving the class both exhilarated and wanting more.  "Get fit and have fun!"



Rishan has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. It wasn’t until after making the bold decision 2017 to take her teacher training in Bali with Eoin Finn, that she discovered the how much she wanted to share the benefits of this practice with others.


Her intention for her classes is to share the joy, strength, courage, and lessons learned in the practice on the mat and how use them in our daily lives off the mat.  Rishan enjoys incorporating her love of music and her own unique style, influenced by the many teachers she has been lucky enough to experience, including Karen Waite.

Her classes are fun, challenging and welcoming for all levels and abilities.


Along with continuing her training, she is involved with planning yoga retreats to combine her love of yoga and travel.


My name is Sammi Wang, a certified yoga teacher, and a professional Eco fashion designer, who lives in minimalist life style, and dreams to inspire millions of people to enjoy yoga and Eco fashion.

Growing up and under the influence of my grandfather who is eastern holistic medicine doctor and a tai chi master, I have devoted myself to an ongoing learning of a variety of ancient healing methods for promoting internal and external balance, including: Traditional Chinese medicine, Acupuncture, Chinese meridians, GuaSha scraping and Moxibustion. I believes that true balance in life comes from within the heart. I aim to bring a unique sense of empowerment to each of my students through intention, pranayama, asana and meditation with a natural, loving attitude. I also aim to guide and encourages students to explore the qualities of external growth and internal stillness, and to explore the union of the body, mind and spirit with a practice that is both physically active and internally / energetically calm.

Languages offered: English and Mandarin-Chinese.

Registered Yoga Alliance RYT-200, BCRPA YFL Yoga Teacher

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Marisa Plasterer is a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Lifestyle Coach.  Marisa was a competitive gymnast as a child and had to retire at the young age of 13, feeling too old to learn a new sport she felt lost and became overweight.  While at university she started working out and discovered the mental health benefits of exercise in addition to the physical ones.  This led to Marisa changing her degree focus from the Sciences to Recreation Administration and Health Education where she could focus on helping people improve their health and wellness.  Since then she has learned to swim, snowboard, ski, water ski, kayak and most recently started her martial arts journey, proving to herself and others it’s never too late to learn something new.  Marisa teaches TRX, group fitness, boot camp, cycle and small group training.



After discovering yoga through a local studio, Alyra fell in love with the creative movement yoga can offer. She knew teaching was something she was drawn too, so she made the decision to take a step back from her daily life and acquire her 200HR RYT certification while traveling in Bali. Most recently she was able to complete her 500HR RYT, Life Coach certificate and Reiki Lvl 1 in Baja Mexico at Yandara Yoga Institute. Alyra offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, where students can drop their expectations at the door; All while including dynamic flows and plenty of opportunities to move through slow juicy Yin and Restorative styles of practice. Join Alyra for your next practice and be ready to melt into a space of awareness, strength, and acceptance. 


“The intention of my teachings is to create space where students can let go of their own ego and expectations. A place to move freely; Where they can feel comfortable within their own body and soul. Learning there’s no right or wrong in yoga — it’s about finding what feels good for YOU.”


Instagram • @bloomingyogini_

Facebook • @alyrahudsonyoga / Blooming Yogini

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Bistra Stoyanova  

Bistra started practicing yoga when she was attending Santa Monica College in California. She discovered the calming benefits for the mind and she fell in love with the slow and precise movements and the emphasis on proper alignment and breath. She completed her 200 hour RYT in 2013 in Port Moody, B.C.
Shortly after she tried a Pilates class. She was fascinated how Pilates conditions the whole body, and the entire musculature is evenly balanced and conditioned. She saw a difference even only after a month of regular visits to the studio. This led her on the journey of becoming Pilates certified and by January of 2017 she acquired her first Mat Pilates certification.
Later on Bistra also became certified in TRX, and Aerial Yoga. Currently she is completing her comprehensive Pilates Apparatus training.
Instagram @pilates_yoga_with_bistra1111


Alison has been teaching yoga for over a decade, and has certified 50+ teachers internationally throughout this time,  accumulating over 6,000 teaching hours. While her practice began like mosts, with a love for Vinyasa it has shifted over the years into honouring the roots of the practice, moving slowly and mindfully and believes in the importance of incorporating this into our lives off the mat! When not teaching, Alison can be found crafting, reading and spending time with her dog Macy.

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