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Yoga for Rehabilitation 
6 weeks $475

No matter what the injury is or reason for seeking help with a healing process, our Yoga for Rehabilitation Certified Teachers have the training and ability to help you achieve your goals.
What Yoga for Rehabilitation can do for You

Yoga blends a holistic approach of the physical, mental and spiritual component when looking at what each person’s healing needs.  


Any degree of injury can be worked with. It is remarkable what breathing techniques alone can do! Depending on the severity of the injury or medical circumstance, we will need to consult with your Family Physician or other referring Medical Professional. This will help us understand more fully what the complete case is and provide exactly what you need at this point in your recovery.

What is the Yoga for Rehabilitation Program?

We offer single sessions or a package of 6. The initial session is all about getting the details and establishing a plan in order to best serve you and achieve optimal results. There is a lot of extra time outside of when we meet that is put into our sessions as they are specialized and require extra care and attention.


Rehabilitation is a gradual process and requires mindful, accurate care. We also recommend working hand in hand with Physio and Massage Therapists who can access other areas of healing and increase the overall rate of treatment success. After the final session we can discuss if additional sessions would be beneficial. At that point you may also be ready to attend a specific group class, a more robust Physiotherapy Program as well or a deeper level of Massage Therapy healing!

Here are some examples of injuries we are able to help with:

Bone Fractures

Muscle/Soft-tissue healing

Scar tissue

Muscle Imbalances

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

Post Cardiac


Frozen Shoulder

ACL Reconstruction

Hip Replacement

Herniated Discs

Plus many others

If you are ready to book your session, please log onto WellnessLiving to book your session. 

Prior to your initial visit, we ask that you complete our Intake Form and email a completed copy to

Yoga for Rehabilitative Certified Teachers


Terry Campbell,  Registered Yoga Teacher & Yoga for Rehabilitation Certified 

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