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These classes are intended to create a safe, compassionate space where you can release excess stress and prepare to welcome your little one into this world. Open to all levels- anyone with medical clearance can participate. 
*Please note we  will require medical clearance from your health care provider before participation.  Click for the PARMED X form
Or click this link for the online form. ePARmedx


These classes are designed to provide you the tools to help ease your childbirth and help alleviate some of the symptoms that come hand and hand with pregnancy. Some of the common benefits are as as follows...
  • realign and lengthen the spine 
  • open tight shoulders and chest 
  • calm the nervous system
  • create space in torso
  • experience different breathing and relaxation techniques 
  • release excess stress and aniexty 
  • improve sleep
  • connect to body 
  • open the hips
  • teach pelvic floor release
  • reduce sciatica 
  • improve mind-body awareness 
  • increase stamina 
  • create core stability 
  • balance the emotions
  • create community support 
  • bond with baby while in utero
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