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Postnatal Classes 

Although parenthood is probably the most rewarding job in the world it comes alongside many tolls on your physical, mental and emotional being. Recovering from not only carrying your child for more than 9 months but also birthing your baby are journeys within themselves. Being in a community of other parents who are going through the same things can help ease this transition. These classes are designed to provide a fun, non-judgmental environment where parents can come together as they share this exciting journey while taking the steps to care for themselves.

Postnatal Yoga (pre-crawling babies welcome)

Release excess stress, and have fun while you take some time to stretch out your aching body. Designed to open up your shoulders, back and neck while strengthening the deep core these classes provide you the ultimate time to connect to your body while your baby has the opportunity to socialize. Open to pre-crawling babies only. 

Postnatal TRX (pre-crawling babies welcome) 

TRX Suspension Training® harnesses your own body weight to create resistance as you exercise. It allows for quick adjustments to the level of difficulty for each exercise and anyone wanting a sweat can participate. Suspension Training creates an element of instability that forces you to use your core for balance and coordination, thus it builds deep core strength and stability. 
When To Return to Practice

After 6 weeks you may return to practice if your health care provider has cleared you, 8 weeks if caesarian performed.

*Please note we  will require medical clearance from your health care provider before participation.  Click for the PARMED X form *  
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