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Our Specialized Classes Include: 

Prenatal, Postnatal,  Kids Yoga & Yoga for Rehabilitation

Creating one of the most vast communities for new moms and mothers-to-be, Epic offers a variety of prenatal friendly classes as well as post natal class sets. If you're looking for classes to bond with with your bump, exercise your body after birth, or are simply looking to enjoy some quality time with your new baby, we have it all! 

For the postnatal page, please click here.

Kids Yoga:
Offering Kids a fun filled class that caters to where the little ones are at developmentally, we are happy to offer kids classes from time to time. 

Yoga for Rehabilitation: 6 weeks $475
Whether you have an injury you are working with or something that has been a different goal of yours, our Yoga for Rehabilitation Certified Teachers will help you achieve those results you are looking for!

Please see individual class pages for more details.

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