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EPIC Yoga Classes


Set in our fun, non-competitive environment, all of Epic’s yoga classes begin with centering: a time dedicated to creating the space. Namaste.

Hatha Yoga (All levels)

Focusing on physical postures, deep breathing, mindfulness and listening to your body, each posture may be held for up to 5 breaths. 

Emphasis is on core strength, flexibility, balance, concentration and breath control.

Hatha/Yin Yoga (All levels)

This class combines traditional Hatha Yoga in the first half-hour with a grounding Yin practice in the second. This class consists of holding postures for 3-5 minutes activating and working the fibres of well-used and neglected tendons and ligaments.

Gentle Hatha Restorative Yoga (All levels)

Relax and unwind at the end of the day with a gentle Hatha Restorative class. Props are used to help settle and soothe the body and mind.

Power Yoga Level 1 (All levels)

A vigorous and athletic style of yoga practice, this fun and challenging class will have you moving, sweating and breathing like never before. A creative mix of traditional and innovative yoga postures designed to build strength, stability and stamina while increasing flexibility in tight, overused muscles. 

​Hot Power Yoga (Intermediate - Advanced)

This vigorous and athletic style of yoga practice is just like our traditional Power Yoga class, but in a room heated to 26 degrees Celsius.

Yin Yang Yoga (All levels)

The Yin style of long-held passive poses opens the body to more flexibility and chi flow, leading to a contemplative, non-reactive quality of mind. The more active Yang style of Vinyasa follows, strengthening and invigorating body and mind.

Yin Yoga (All levels)

In this class, you will hold postures for 3-5 minutes, activating and working the fibres of tendons and ligaments. 

​Restorative Yoga (All levels)

This class combines the principles of both restorative and therapeutic yoga to create a deep healing experience. Restorative yoga is practiced with a variety of props that support the body in long-held positions to relax both the body and mind. 

Postnatal Yoga (All levels)

Postnatal Yoga works for those at all levels to talk and stretch, to building from six weeks post-natal onwards. Focus is on Mom, with a few options for interactive Mom and Baby exercises. Pre-crawling babies only.

Prenatal Yoga (All levels)

Through yoga postures, guided relaxation and breath awareness, you will prepare the body and mind for birth, while relieving common discomforts and stresses associated with pregnancy, in all terms. Taught by an experienced certified teacher.


Note: A Par Med X form filled out by your doctor or midwife prior to class start is required. Please bring this form to your first visit:

Meditation (All levels)

Explore different meditation styles with our meditation classes. 

Vinyasa yoga (All levels)

Vinyasa yoga flows from one pose to the next as well as incorporates synchronized breathing.  You will develop a deep internal awareness while building internal pranic heat to detoxify both the physical and energetic bodies while stilling the mind.

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