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180 cm 71"

B mat 6mm

SKU: 366615376135191
  • The mat that changes your practice and leaves you feeling stronger.

    First you will notice the grip, then you will notice the cushion, then you will bask in both. Our thickest and most cushioned b, mat, the b, mat strong offers 6mm of support making it perfect for those seeking a little extra comfort between the body and the floor during any style practice. 100% rubber is they key to this super grippy yoga mat’s success. Regardless of your style of movement, the b, mat allows the body to find stability and grounding even as you sweat and shift throughout class. Embrace the mind’s ability to stay present, when you don't have to worry about slipping. This rubber composition also makes the b, mat durable so you can move, twist, transition, fly, and flow knowing your mat is maintaining a strong structure along the way.

    Stay cushioned in your holds, stable as you sweat, and present as you move.

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